He was a handsome little fellow

Daddy`s and mommy`s joy and pride

Far from the hood it was well understood

He`s gifted with a care free ride


When the King was told    - there`s an error in your game of life


Grove Park ain`t for the flimsy

Daydreaming is a waste of time

She never had the look but her brain is like a book

And she`s the first to cross the finish line.


When the King was told – there`s an error in your game of life


The man bumps into this woman,

He falls in love and he falls hard

He pulls out the roses with all the lameness that it imposes

He flashes diamonds and the money cards

Sir I know your kind, You`re here to cut another deal

You`re like the prince on a white horse but in the rain the horse might fall

And I like to keep it nice and clean.


 When the King was told – there`s an error in your game of life





I`m leaving in the morning, she don`t know

I`ll pack my suitcase and down the road I go

She don`t know...

I warned her three times and I ain`t gonna make it four


She wash no clothes, cook no meal

She ain`t do nothing but want me to love her still

She don`t know...

I warned her three times and I aint gonna make it four


Looky here baby, you better make up your mind

You think I`m a fool but I ain`t foolin` around

She don`t know...

I warned her three times and I ain`t gonna make it four


You gave me a ring to make sure i won`t get far

But ain`t no ring gonna teach you how to love

Cuz you don`t know...

I warned you three times and I ain`t gonna make it four


I`m leaving in the morning or I`m leaving today

Got me a good woman in Georgia state

And you don`t know...

I warned you three times and I ain`t gonna make it four.





Braggin`, braggin`, braggin`

Tell me who you met last night

Post a filtered picture, show everyone you`re looking fine


I see you`re a public figure, you have so much going on 

One minute you dine in LA then check in from New York


Braggin`, braggin`, bragging`...


They say honesty takes you places but the truth doesn`t run the car

When you do as you`re told baby, they let you be the star


Braggin`, braggin`, braggin`...


I`m trying to find the conclusion, how all this is going to end

If I don`t want to break y`all, do I have to learn to bend


Braggin`, braggin`, braggin`...



I LOVE THE LIFE I LIVE (thank you for the cruise)


Before we all go to heaven why not enjoy paradise

This place is so well made it must be a free gift from God

You know my mom used to say beggars don`t get to choose

I love the life I live, thank you for the cruise


Just like a game when the ball`s rolling you move to score

Last time I checked there is no ruling who deserves more

If you want it, go, get it, flying high doesn`t spoil the views

I love the life I live, thank you for the cruise


Every minute of my time is too precious to deal with hate

The big brother is undercover looking back at you from the dinner plate

When you finally ready party, somebody`ll get you dancing shoes

I love the life I live, thank you for the cruise





Here is a tale about a man who found the cure

Or he was the Brain? I guess we`ll never know.

So good with numbers he searched the space

There was no one in the business who could truly operate.


He always had them weird habits but that`s alright

Normal is boring for an exceptional mind

While everybody`s thinking he needs a crank

He`d be laughing his head off all the way to the bank


JOHN IS THE MAN   - oh, lord he has it all

JOHN IS THE MAN  - Gold diggers digging

JOHN IS THE MAN –  He`s still around kicking


If you wanna find a slice of paradise on Earth

See John in the jungle building his own Universe

Hot chicks, cold beer, sunshine all year around

Certified organic happiness by the pound







I`ve been fighting for a long long time

Watching my value go up and down

But I keep going

People ride along then get off in the curve

I wonder is the truth heavier or the nerve

But I keep going


Whether it`s the culture or the views

You may practice your power but I will break the rules

And keep going

All these years I haven`t really changed

My arms are open I just tight the range

Keep going


Depression might put you into a cell

Now, it`s just another juicy story to tell

I keep going

This water is too shallow for me to drown

My script was written in the name of the crown.

I keep going




I open my eyes in the morning, Lord I`m so tired of dawging

When I think of my job I get sick every time

My baby still sleeping so if I tip toe, kinda sneaking

I might make it and don’t have to listen to her whine

That I always work so late and she miss me from the bed

Where my daddy at? He ain`t home yet? Sasha said.


You know I’m a very passionate guy and I`m not going to lie

I`m never against any type of fun

But I`m out six days a week sometimes I do feel mighty weak

I`m not sure I can perform the way she wants

So if I can`t make it I might as well play dead

Where my daddy at? He ain`t home yet? Sasha said.


Harp solo 2X


She has to release her frustration when she gets that tingling sensation

And I`m glad to be the one who occupies her mind

God forbids I forget to call to tell her when I’m coming home

That would be the end of me and the rest of mankind

See, I love my baby even when I can`t ignore the threat

Where my daddy at? He ain`t home yet? Sasha said.









I got my guitar tuned I`m ready for the show

I wanna see your body moving with the flow

Put on your high heels and your sexy black stockings

Show me your door and here I come knocking


Keep on knocking, knocking on your door...


Feel my music baby like you ain`t got time to waste

Listen to my voice I`m about to call your name

Forever and ever I`ve been waiting and clocking

Show me your door and here I come knocking


Keep on knocking, knocking on your door


Baby, won`t you be my girl 2x

Your mama said I`m way too old to keep up

If she only knew the half she`d be the runner-up. I said it.


Do you like what you see? Now you can have it all

Beyonce asked for me but I didn`t take the call

You`re the one I work for and I know it`s shocking

Show me your door and here I come knocking.






See me in the country baby watch me get away from here

See me in the country baby.

This ain`t flying with a Moonchild

This ain`t flying with a Moonchild


Recently I noticed I have the hardest time at night

Since I moved to this complex I learned everybody`s plight

Ms Maggie next door has a troubled son named Mighty Pin

When Ms Maggie leaves on the weekend, two young girl stepping in.


Frank is a builder secretly chain smokes behind the bush

I pull up the shades in the morning and he goes: “Hello” staring at you

Upstairs there`s Grandma Rose she likes to tell me about her life

I met her 9 grandkids, the dogs and her brother`s second wife.




Downtown living is something I can`t handle anymore

I know the neighbors` daily schedule better than I do my own

I`m gonna get me a truck with a nice lady and tons of beer

Sneak out tomorrow without a trace like I ain`t never been here





He`s a man who doesn`t take no bullshit

He`s a man of straight up talk

Momma left him with a good advice though

Shut your mouth and go with the flow



Stay low until it`s your time


What`s all that pride for if you ain`t got money

If you`re uknown in the daily game

You get no respect without power

You get no respect without your fame.




Life is a mean machine if you don`t know your scene

Don`t bother picking stones when you can run for gold


You know you made it when the banks start calling

You`re the bait coming up next in the line

Your education is your good credit

But all those loans make you not worth a dime


Life is a mean machine....





I`m a long way from home. Nobody sent me here

No invitation either but I finally hoped that plane

I said good bye to mom. I said good bye to dad

I said good bye to my brother, my cousins and all my friends

People, it`s not an easy ride.

Leaving the motherland you knew in your entire life

You do it for a vision you do it for a dream

That one day you become someone and your children will be running free.



No more crying.


It has been 13 years. Kind of up and down.

I learned a new culture and I tried to do what was right

Baby if you hear this song

Apparently I do well without you and my spirit is still going strong

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

No matter who I meet, no matter what I see

No matter how bad it is I turn it around and make it neat.




Something always tells me to push it even more

The very last minute when I hit the bottom low

And suddenly my luck changes and I`m back at it again

Reminding me of that stubborn man who once hoped that plane.







Little G Weevil

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"Little G Weevil not only has a feel for bonafide blues styles, he plays them masterfully. From ballads that weave an indelible tapestry of music and words to a fingerpicking style reminiscent of Mississippi John Hurt he takes listeners on a journey through numerous blues styles and so much more." - Bill Wilson

Featuring AfroUnicorn, Tamara Nicolai, Maurice Nazzaro

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Something Poppin` (2017)

Little G Weevil

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First band album in five years. Featuring 9 brand new originals written by Little G Weevil and a cover "Pusherman" originally composed by Curtis Mayfield. "This is the most creative work of my career" - says Weevil.

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Three Chords Too Many (2016)

Little G Weevil

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Full length acoustic album. Guest appearances by Paul Niehaus, Matt Pribojszki, Zoli Jambalaya Nemes, Zsolt Pinter. Nominated for Independent Blues Award.

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Moving (2013)

Little G Weevil

3 Best Blues Album of the Year by Mojo Magazine. Nominated for Blues Blast Music Award "Best Acoustic Album of the Year". Released on Vizztone Label Group.

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