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  1. Let it Rain

From the recording Let it Rain

This song has a powerful social message about equality and unity.
Music and lyrics written by Little G Weevil

Lead vocal: Dionne Bennett
Lead guitar: Little G Weevil
Bass: Marton Pfeff
Guitar: Laszlo Borsodi
Organ, Strings: Matyas Premecz
Drums: Tamas Timar
Back vocal: Rita Foris
Back vocal: Jonathan Andelic
Trumpet: Tamas Sovari
Saxofon: Zoltan Albert

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gabor Vastag, Sounday Studio, Budapest, Hungary,
January-March 2020



Brother, you’re breathing just like me
Father, you said this is the place to be
I don’t wanna do the fight
Everyone deserves a guide
If water wash the sins away
Why don’t you just let it rain?
Rain, rain, rain…

Future could be brighter than it seems
Suitors, I’m here to unleash my inner dreams
You can’t get me with your speculations
Indirect manipulations
Let the water wash the sins away
God almighty just let it rain
Rain, rain, rain…


Sameness keeps us in the comfort zone
Progress and lose your fear of the unknown
My love for you is like a river
Stronger flow makes it deeper
Let the water wash your sins away
Bring the gift of a brand new day
Rain, rain, rain...