Hi everyone,

If you are reading this, you are making the first step to find out about my "new album making" mission. By clicking on the "Donate" button below, your generous support goes towards my new album that YOU and I are going to release together. Choose PayPal or Bank Card option. Safe, secure, no hidden  transaction fees, no third party involved.


$20.00 ( 25 outside of USA) and over donation guarantees you a free album download and signed copy of the CD at your door.

$40.00 and over guarantees you free album download, signed CD and a Little G Weevil team member t-shirt.

$50.00 and over donation guarantees you all the above plus extra Little G Weevil merch such as signed photo, guitar pick and sticker.

$100.00 and over donation guarantees you all the above plus an extra hug when i see you. 

$1000.00 and over donations guarantees you all the above and a Little G solo concert just for you at a location of your choice. I mean it.

Please DO NOT forget to leave a note (under amount) where you want your goodies to be delivered. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

Now, let`s release this stuff!